Waislitz Foundation

After many years involvement in private philanthropic giving, Australian investor and businessman Alex Waislitz founded the Waislitz Foundation in 2013.

The foundation represents a new approach to giving. It aims to invest in, and have a direct social impact on, some of the world’s biggest social problems through active participation in the projects it supports.

The foundation does not accept unsolicited submissions but rather seeks out and partners with those organisations, which it believes, can make a real difference especially in the areas of education, poverty eradication, health and indigenous affairs.

It aims to improve the quality of people’s lives through innovative initiatives and partnerships.

In 2020 Australia was ravaged by bushfires. The Waislitz Foundation responded by committing $1 million to renew and rebuild communities that were impacted by this tragedy.

One of these causes was BlazeAid - a volunteer-based organisation that works with families and individuals in rural Australia after natural disasters such as fires and floodswhich received a $500,000 donation to fund new trailers for volunteer teams to rebuild fences and lives.

blezaid - 1
blezaid - 2

A note from Deb, Blazeaid Founder “All trailers have been made and are fully equipped and are now spread across SA, Victoria and NSW. Let me advise we are certainly putting them to good use. We are so very grateful for your donation as we were so short on trailers and equipment. The amount of work these trailers and equipment do is totally unbelievable. Thanks to the Waislitz Foundation for their support”